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Have any poems you would like to share about Aaliyah?
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Have any poems you would like to share about Aaliyah?

I want to dedicate this section of the site to Aaliyah. The fans can express their love and show support for Aaliyah through poems. Because, I am a really big poem fan and I think it would be really cool to see some poems dedicated to Aaliyah.



This is the first poem that I wrote that was published in a book and I actually won an award for.


To really make your dreams come true;
Follow your heart and think things through.
It's going to be hard,all sweat and tears;
and understand you will have fears.
Sometimes you will feel like giving up;
You can do it,just tell that bad conscience to shutup.
A good conscience will help you in life;
Like getting a job or buying a a car would be nice.
At times material things wouldn't even be a factor;
Education is the key and that's what matters.
Through it all you may have completed your dream;
You have shown the world how dedicated you can be.